Ashly Kowalski, CPM, LM

Being a mother of 5 and having two VBAC births of my own, I have come to revere pregnancy, birth, and the growth of a family as one of the most beautiful things about humanity. As a recent Association of Texas Midwives program graduate and Licensed Midwife, and member of the Greater Houston Midwives Alliance, I am privileged to help women and their partners make these experiences as positive and healthy as possible.  Yellow Rose is a midwifery group formed between myself and my partner, Megan Robinson, in a way that creates ultimate support for women and families across the Houston area.

I have cultivated a great working relationship with other Houston midwives, and because of this I have the ability to offer my clients Home Birth as well as Birth Center birth options.

Over the course of my career, I have experience with the following: VBAC, Water birth, Home birth, Birth center birth.

I look forward to working with you!



Megan Robinson, RN, CPM, LM

Hi. My name is Megan Robinson. I attended Angelina College and Stephen F. Austin State University where I obtained my Nursing Certificate and Degrees (LVN - 2008, ADN - 2009, BSN - 2010). I fell in love with my College sweetheart and married him in 2011. We have 5 beautiful biracial babies. It was after having baby #3 at home with a midwife, that I felt called to become a midwife myself!
My nursing background includes 8 years in an acute care hospital setting. 3 years in the Med Surge/Telemetry/Pediatric Departments and 5 years in the NICU/Nursery. While in the NICU/Nursery, I attended hundreds of births where I helped transition the smallest 24 weekers to the largest full-term babies. 
I obtained my midwifery education through the Association of Texas Midwives Midwifery Training Program and apprenticed with 3 amazing and super smart midwives. During my training, I attended many deliveries including VBACs and Twins. Ashly and I believe strongly in natural childbirth, the midwifery model of care, and a woman's right to have informed choices. We have a passion for mamas and babies and are committed to provide excellent personalized care.
I maintain the following certifications: Certified Professional Midwife, Texas Licensed Midwife, Registered Nurse
I am also an active member of the Association of Texas Midwives as well as Greater Houston Midwives Alliance.



Asayah Profile Pic.png

Asayah Anderson

Birth Assistant

Asayah Anderson is a doula who assists moms from start to finish in birth! As a certified Master Herbalist, and certified Chakra Aura Energy Healer, she believes in taking a spiritual and holistic approach to her life and work. Asayah became a doula after seeing the hardship and injustice facing the pregnant mothers of the African American community. She knew she needed to make a difference. After 15 years of moving throughout different parts of the medical office she had found her calling. Today Asayah is a voice and activist for the African American Birthing Community as well as an aspiring midwife whose goal is and will always be to change the narrative around birth and Black America.

Stephanie Jack

Birth Assistant

Peace Beautiful Beings,

My name is Stephanie Jack. I am a mom of 2 (Currently a 9 month old daughter and 4 year old son). In both of my births, I experienced the trauma,  lack of education and empowerment during my pregnancy. I have been inspired to begin my journey as a doula/birthworker for the Birth and Postpartum phases of all birthing people. I completed my Birth Doula Training with Nikia Lawson of DONA International on July 26-28, 2020, and I am currently working towards certification. My goal is to help anyone experiencing hardships due to high-risk pregnancy, unemployment, fear of COVID, teen moms, racism, discrimination, etc. I believe in doing what I can to lower infant and maternal mortality rates, especially in POC. I am overcoming Postpartum Depression and have experienced depression throughout my life. I can offer support for anyone who feels similar.

I am currently training to become a Bereavement/PAIL Advocate, a Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga Instructor and Photographer to expand services in different aspects. I have experience in Activism and worked as a Labor Union Organizer with Unite Here Local 23 from 2017-2019. Throughout 2009-2013, I volunteered as a Crisis Counselor for Crisis Intervention of Houston. I am an artist as well,  and can offer custom portraits, pregnancy belly art, and nursery decor. I also have a passion for music, sewing and prepping organic baby food for infants and toddlers.

I look forward to offering you love and support